University or Boarding School Admissions Consulting

This program will assist your child in the complete admissions advising process, from the identification of target schools, through the essay and application development and submission, with focus on the unique aspects of the U.S. or British system admissions requirements (UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia) . Contact EEI for price quote.

Academic Advising

EEI provides‏ academic advising for students in grades 8-11 to assist in prioritizing the programs, activities and course offerings to best prepare and position your child for acceptance at the boarding school or university of their dreams. Students will interact with an EEI Consultant once a month. Price is $1,000 per year

Writing the Admissions Essay

EEI will work with your child to create a personalized essay for either a high school or university application that will reflect his or her unique strengths and personality.  This includes support for the personal statement, application essay and supplement essays. Services include brainstorming sessions, development of your personal story, prompt selection and final proofreading.

Transitional Support

There may be additional academic and social support your child requires as they prepare for and transition to life at a new school.  Our team specializes in providing one-on-one guidance and support for your child throughout their transition to their new and exciting life.  Price is $,1000 per year.