Workshops for Students and Faculty (pricing based on scope of work)

Helping Chinese Students Transition

his workshop helps faculty understand the issues facing students as they adjust from China and the Chinese national system of education.  Faculty can be more sensitive and proactive if they know upfront the difficulties students are facing.  We also offer this workshop for students and for parents with slightly different perspectives.  We are happy to work with you to incorporate aspects of the workshop for Parents’  Weekend or orientation.

Recommendation Writing

The faculty recommendation is one of the most important aspects of the university admissions process.  Does your faculty understand the difference between a recommendation for a U.S. university and a reference for a university in a British system (UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia).  Improve your students’ acceptance rate by educating your faculty on the differences in the systems.  This intriguing workshop is fun and productive.

Writing University Essays That Stand Out

All students struggle with their personal statements, application and supplement essays.  We will work with your students to help them produce essays that shine.

Custom Workshops

We also offer workshops for students and parents on all aspects of the college admissions process. We tailor these workshops to the specific needs of your program.