Combining our extensive experience in education, admissions and business, EEI’s leadership team offers consulting services to help schools build their administrative teams and explore efficient and effective marketing techniques to improve services to applicants, students and parents.  We work with the school’s team to evaluate what is working well and to help guide in areas that need change or improvement.   EEI offers consultations in the following areas of service (pricing based on scope of work).

International University Counseling

Are your students getting accepted where they should be?  This program will evaluate and enhance your current college counseling program, as well as the interface with your academic advising program, to ensure the highest quality counseling program and acceptances for your students.

Senior Administrative Team Relations


Is your‏ senior administration working together as a team?  EEI will evaluate your leadership team's continuity and working relationship to ensure a cooperative, cohesive approach to teamwork and goal accomplishment is readily in place in a manner that supports your school's mission and vision.

Residential Life (for domestic and international students)

Are your students happy?  This program will evaluate your boarding and day student programs with the goal of improving the quality of life for your students and faculty

Communications (internal and external)


Does your‏ school have the communications platform and program in place to effectively reach out to your families, educational consultants and potential students?   EEI will evaluate and improve your communications strategy, software tools, and messaging to ensure your mission and vision are properly communicated.

Marketing and Branding

Are you getting the message out that is most important? EEI will evaluate and improve your social media program, collateral, and brand identity to ensure a consistent look and feel is being delivered across all your platforms, consistent with your communications strategy.

Enrollment Management and Admissions


Does your school have the enrollment rates and student base you desire? EEI will help you improve your enrollment statistics, lower attrition and increase the depth and breath of your student base.